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Always there, always present – the Infoflip in pocket format.

Content: Print: 4-48 pages 4/4c, Cover: 2-4 pages 4/0c
plus print varnish matt or glossy


Formats cover closed
Standard Flip: 21,0×10,5 cm, half Flip of 2: 17,0×10,5 cm

(Special formats on request)

Content: Picture print 135-200 g, Cover: 250-350 g
Other grammages after consultation.

Infoflip made easy
You will receive an InDesign sample file for layout creation.
If you prefer a manual solution in the finding phase,
we will be happy to send you blank samples.

We are at your disposal for any questions you may have.
We also take over the complete realisation of your Infoflip.
Benefit from our experience.

Our formats

Infoflip of 1

1er Infoflip Matt

Infoflip of 2

2er Infoflip Glossy

Infoflip of 3

3er Infoflip Glossy

Infoflip of 4

4er Infoflip Glossy
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