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We produce high quality

It was only with the invention of Tim Berners-Lee that it became possible to network information on the Internet, texts and images were connected by hyperlinks. With Infoflip, the idea of networked information was transformed into a practical, handy and original print form.
Coherent, complementary information can be connected and related in a meaningful way by means of cross-references (hyperlinks). Clearly arranged, quickly found, in a clearly structured form. This provides a new, cost-saving and creative way of presenting complex information and facts. We produce Infoflips with high-quality materials and highly trained employees according to your specifications. The basis for the production are machines developed by us, which enable the production of the unique Infoflip. Our standards guarantee best quality and optimal functionality. Since recently we also offer a completely CO2 free production.

Infoflip’s location

Our production takes place in Ulm-Böfingen. You are welcome to visit us there after making an appointment.

Infoflip Medien GmbH
Eberhard-Finckh-Str. 14
D-89075 Ulm

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